XML viewer and visualizer

Features of the XML viewer

Reviewing the content of an XML file in its original format using a text editor like Notepad will be perceived by most as being an unpleasant exercise. XML’s many possible ways of structuring data into complex graphs including self-referencing data and its verbose notation style increases its complexity level further. XML’s unforgiving strictness with respect to XML-compliance and data integrity verification (if an XSD schema or DTD is present) adds directly to aforementioned verbosity because more tokens are required to satisfy XML’s hunger for obeying rules.

Deconstructing XML to flat data

Once your XML file is uploaded, the XML Viewer automatically deconstructs its content into a web view per entity detected in your XML dataset. Complexity and verboseness is removed leaving you with a plain and simple to review data representation, analogous to how data is displayed in on an Excel sheet. The XML Viewer includes options for sorting and filtering, enabling you to analyze you XML contents.

Data entities in

This tool was tested with XML ranging from very simple to insanely complex and seems to work for approx. 75% of the test cases. The XML viewer is not intended for underpowered PC’s or mobile device since it relies till a large extend on your hardware’s capabilities . It is therefore recommended to keep XML files you upload under 4 megabytes assuming you use a fairly modern PC with at least 4 GB of RAM. Doing otherwise may crash your web browser.