Privacy Policy

Your files will not be exposed, sold or otherwise shared with third-parties. Web links converted files are shown only to the uploader of the source file and will expire after one hour. Upon expiration the associated conversion result file is permanently deleted from our servers. Temporary files are possibly created during the conversion process, containing all or parts of the to be convertedcontent. Such temporary files will be deleted immediately once the conversion process hascompleted, regardless ofwhether the conversion succeeded or failed. In order to subcsribe to Luxon Software's services it is mandatory to enter an email address. Your email address is stored in our databases. Your email address, as well as possible personal data such as name and address, will be treated strictly confidential and will never be shared or sold to third parties without your consent. You may receive messages from Luxon Software relevant to your Luxon account and its asociated services. The Luxon Software website and its asociated services are hosted within the EU.

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