About Luxon Software


Luxon Software was originally registered as a domain name intended to be used for hosting personal pet projects of mine in 2010. Somehow the first, out of a string of ideas, almost instantly became a hit and is now the most popular online XML conversion tool on the web. The first XML tool that was released, XML to CSV, is an online implementation of my open source project at xml to csv.

Free Products

The main goal for Luxon's converters is to offer to the public at large several one-size-fits-most-but-not-all data transformation solutions. The tools are explicitly not intended to be advanced or feature-complete as there is already a multitude of offerings available, both free and commercial, which better suite these scenarios. Instead we have chosen to offer a solution that will work in a very easy to understand way which will work for the majority of our visitors. Our efforts mainly go into making the product faster and easier to use.

Future plans

All online converters offered on this website in its current format will be kept available free of charge. New online data converters may be rolled out over time. Commercial software offerings dealing with more complex or advanced scenarios are considered but will not consequently mean we would discontinue the current range of free online offerings. This website will merely function as a sales platform for possible commercial software releases in the future.


Luxon Software is hosted by IISpeed, a startup company speclialized automating processes related to web performance optimization. The website you currently visit is an example of their work, have a look at the HTML source and you'll notice neat bundling of files, tight minifying of sources, CSS spriting etc., which has been realized by simply installing the IISPeed plugin onto the IIS webserver used by this website.