XML to JSON Converter Convert XML to fly-weight JSON data

Convert online from XML to JSON format. This converter uses is build upon code from the Json.Net open source project by James Newton-King. The source code is hosted at codeplex.

Currently the JSON result is minified. If you want to validate and format the results you can use the JSON validation tool JSONLint. This validation and formatting tool will be integrated at later stage on this page.

Note that it may take a considerable amount of time to convert a large XML file to JSON format and that the maximum size allowed is set to 4mb.

Application Details

  • Online data conversion tool for converting XML to JSON format.
  • Publisher: Luxon Software
  • Application category: File Format Converter - XML to Json converter
  • Version: 1.1
  • Browser requirements: Browser needs access to disk space on local harddrive.
XML to JSON Converter Application

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For questions or enquiries, please visit the contact page.


  •  Click the "Browse..." button and locate the XML file on your computer. In the screen that just opened, click the button "Open" to select the XML file you want to convert.
  •  Advanced options: if you are familiar with XML and want to use the advanced options available, click the link "Advanced options". You can indicate that the system should attempt to resolve issues with conflicting XML element names. You can also upload a DTD (Document Type Definition) file here in case required by the XML file.
  •  Back on the web page and with the XML file selected, click the button "Convert". Wait until the conversion has completed. This may take a while so please be patient.
  •  Once the conversion is complete the page will refresh itself. A link "Download converted XML file" has appeared as a large blue link. Click on this link.
  •  Specify the location where you want to save the converted file. The conversion results are combined into a.zip archive for your convenience. For now I assume you saved the zip file to your Windows, Linux or Mac desktop.
  •  Go to your desktop and double click the Zip file. It contains your JSON file which will open in a new window. Drag and drop the contents to the folder of your choice.
  •  The JSON file is ready to be used.